Why have a Church in an Elementary School?

When it became obvious that our congregation was growing out of our old building, we began the discussions of where do we want our congregation to go physically and what would our new building need to help us in our spiritual growth.  We made what we felt was the socially conscience decision to use an existing building rather than build new.  The school presented us with many challenges but also many opportunities.  We now have LOTS of space to grow and allow members to set up clubs for companionship and learning and also allow them to organize for social justice actions.

Preschool and Nursery Rooms

What better place for children to play and learn than in a school?  This building has given us the space and resources to create a welcoming and fun area for our youngest members and visitors. 

Meeting Spaces

It is important for our congregants to have places to gather and celebrate our different perspectives and ideas.  Our building has many different types of meeting spaces to allow us to accommodate whatever type of gathering our congregants would like to have. 

Our Outdoor Space

We have two play structures for kids to play on during warm weather and a few benches for adults to enjoy just sitting outside.  We also have a Giving Grove of fruit trees and a community garden.  

Maker Space

During the summer our youngest members and visitors get to spend some time in our Maker Space.  Inventing is a messy business but totally worth fostering creativity!