Trivia Challenge Registration

This registration form works for both teams and individuals. If you are an individual, just fill out the form as the "Team Captain" and check the box at the bottom that says, "I Need More Teammates."

Once you have gathered your team together, have one person from the team complete this registration form. This will simplify the registration process for our event coordinators. Thank you.

Please enter the FIRST and LAST names of the first team member. (ex. Henry Thoreau)


After you have entered a team member, click on the + sign under the name to add the next person.  Repeat until all members of your team have been entered. If you need to remove a name, click on the X under the name you wish to remove. Your team must not be larger than 8 members.

Please identify one member of the team as the Captain. This will be used only if we need to contact your team for any reason.

Team Captain*

Please add email and phone contact information for the Team Captain.


All teams need 8 members, if you need more members for your team, please check the box below.


So that we can provide adequate child care and appropriate activities, we need to know the number and ages of children attendees will bring. If you are bringing children, please make your childcare reservations here and note Trivia Challenge for the event, and April 2, 2016 for the date as indicated. Thanks!