Pledge to the 2017-2018

Stewardship Campaign 


Please support our 2017-2018 Stewardship Campaign by pledging to be a fair share contributor.


How Much Should I Pledge? 

Why do we pledge?  This church belongs to each of us.  We pledge to fund the daily operations of the church and to ensure that the church and its resources are here for us and for others now and in the future.

How is the money used?  Pledge and other revenue sources (rental, fundraising, donations) support our worship and music programs, our religious education program, programs for members and friends, social justice programs, community outreach, and connections to Unitarian Universalism.  Our budget reflects our mission and vision.

Is pledging a requirement of membership?  Yes. We expect that those who benefit from the church and participate in activities will share in its financial upkeep.  Some members are able to pledge more, others less, but we can all share in supporting our church. There is no minimum pledge.  If you are unable to pledge, you may ask for a waiver from our minister. 

How much should I pledge?  We encourage everyone to consider making a Fair Shair Pledge. Plan to contribute a percentage of your annual income.  We suggest that you start at 2-3% of income and then grow from that number.  In addition, the Fair Share Giving Guidelines from the Unitarian Universalist Association may be helpful to you.  You can see them here.  In 2015 our average pledge per pledge unit was about $1,662 and our median pledge was about $1,200. We had 201 pledge units.

What if my financial circumstances change during the year, if I lose my job or have a financial emergency?  Lives are not static and we certainly understand that.  Contact the our Church Administrator  if you need to adjust your pledge.

The church fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.  Please let us know the total amount of your pledge the anticipated frequency of your pledge payments.  Knowing the frequency of pledge payments allows the church’s finance team to better manage cash flow. Please note that all of our pledges are confidential.

You will receive a letter confirming your pledge, quarterly statements, and an annual tax statement. Additionally, if you pledge on-line, you will receive a confirmation email.  

How Do I Pay My Pledge?

Members pay their pledges in a variety of ways.

*New* via REALM the church's membership database.  Just visit the Giving page. You can pay by EFT from a checking or savings account or by credit card.

Check Payment. Please note "2017-2018 Pledge Payment" in the memo line.

BillPay via Online Banking.  You can generate automatic recurring payments to SMUUCh utilizing BillPay within your own Online Banking at your bank.

ACH form.  SMUUCh can electronically pull your pledge for you.  Download the required ACH form here, complete it and place in an envelope, and either mail it in or drop it into the collection basket on Sunday. 

Cash.  If you pay in cash, please put the money in an envelope and write your name and "pledge" on the envelope so that we can credit your donation against your pledge. 

Donations of Stock.  The church has a brokerage account and is able to accept stock donations.  If you wish to donate stock, contact the church office and they will help you complete the process.

You may drop your pledge payments into the Sunday collection basket or mail them to the church.  

How do I request a pledge waiver? 

We want everyone to be able to participate in the life of our church regardless of their ability to contribute financially.  If your financial circumstances make it impossible for you to pledge, please contact Rev. Rose Schwab to request a pledge waiver.  Your request will be kept strictly confidential. 

Entries marked with an asterisk * are required.

Enter your last name(s). For couples with two names, please enter BOTH last names. (Ex. Jones and Smith or Jones-Smith)

Enter your first name(s). (Ex. Alex and Robin)

Please enter your contact information:

Apt. #

*Total Amount of your Pledge for the Entire Fiscal Year.

For example, if you are making $2,000 total pledge for the entire fiscal year 2017-2018 simply enter 2000, no dollar sign or decimal point.


How will you meet your pledge?

For example, to meet a grand total pledge of $2,000 you could pay $38.50/week, or $166.67/month, or $500/quarter, or $1,000 semi-annually or make one annual payment of $2,000.

*Please choose one of the payment options below.

Given our transition to an ongoing stewardship model, we will be carrying your 2017 – 2018 pledge amount forward as the basis for your 2018 – 2019 pledge.  This will provide our congregation with the monetary foundation and security needed to budget for future years and to make key investments in staff and programming.  While you have the ability to increase or decrease pledge amounts throughout the year, we appreciate your support in this transition.