Our Mission Statement

INVITE everyone into a caring community.

INSPIRE the search for spiritual growth.

INVOLVE all in working for a peaceful, fair, and free world.

Our Membership Vision

We are a loving, caring, compassionate, and actively growing faith community. Our diverse membership invites all seekers to a positive and supportive environment for spiritual growth and personal enrichment. We do this by

  • Welcoming visitors warmly.
  • Eliminating barriers to membership.
  • Matching member needs and interests with new or existing small and large group activities.
  • Challenging members to explore and deepen their spirituality.
  • Promoting and inviting member involvement by sharing, encouraging, and developing their talents and leadership.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the process of membership on a regular basis, and modifying them as needed.
Our Worship Vision

SMUUCh has a rich worship life in which its mission and values are apparent. We do this by

  • Gathering for services that build community and are engaging, relevant, educational and inspiring.
  • Featuring music and artistic expression that enhance the worship experience
  • Involving people of all ages in the experience of worship.
  • Offering opportunities to worship in a variety of styles, group sizes, and locations and at times other than Sunday morning.
  • Regularly re-examining our language to ensure we are welcoming to people of all genders, theologies, ages, abilities, ethnicities, classes, and sexual orientations.

Our Religious Education Vision

High quality religious education is an important part of our church ministry to children, youth, and adults.  We accomplish this by

  • Offering opportunities for people to reflect on their beliefs in action in their everyday lives and community at large.
  • Offering opportunities for exploration of our own and other religions, ethics, and behavior.
  • Supporting individuals and families in their spiritual growth through education courses, programs, outreach relational support, mentorship (our relationships and the nature of the community).

Our Outreach Vision

SMUUCh is visible and recognized throughout the Kansas City area as a liberal religious community. We do this by

  • Having a presence in the media through news stories and advertising.
  • Hosting events that promote our values and that are designed to attract people to our community.
  • Increasing our visibility in the community through social action.

Our Social Action Vision

Our 7 UU Principles compel us to take social action in response to immediate and ongoing needs in our community and in our world. We do this by

  • Organizing social action under a representative council.
  • Supporting individual members in the work they do.

Our Staff/Leadership Vision

We have leaders at all levels within SMUUCh who guide and support consistent, excellent programming for all ages.  We do this by

  • Hiring qualified professional and support staff to meet current needs as well as positioning us for growth.
  • Implementing a systematic volunteer recruitment, training, and recognition program.
  • Encouraging members to develop and utilize their talents in a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.
  • Encouraging leadership development within our church..

Our Facilities Vision

SMUUCh has buildings and grounds that support and reflect our mission and values.  We do this by

  • Providing appropriate facilities for worship, fellowship, education, programs, events, and staff.
  • Providing a welcoming environment for members and visitors.
  • Being accessible to people with varied abilities.
  • Following and promoting responsible environmental principles.
  • Communicating our identity as a religious community.
  • Engaging the congregation in supporting our facilities.

Our Stewardship Vision

We have adequate financial, physical, and human resources to realize the mission and vision of our church.  We do this by

  • Maintaining a year-round team.
  • Setting annual goals to increase Fair Share pledging.
  • Offering Adult RE classes.
  • Encouraging conversations about pledging.
  • Sustaining our strong stewardship effort.
  • Encouraging spirit of cheerful giving.