Is Membership for You?

What is membership?

…membership is Belonging 

Membership means truly belonging to our faith community.  People need a place to belong—to be rooted, to work out questions of value and meaning, to have a spiritual life.

Membership begins the process of a deeper, stronger, more meaningful more affirming experience along our personal spiritual path.

Why should become a member of a religious community? 

Fun and Fellowship

 …because we all need Connection

Being a member of a faith community deepens your religious identity. The word religion comes from a root that means “that which binds together.”  Religion connects us to each other, and to something greater than ourselves. Talking to each other, learning and working together, all attach meaning to our experiences.

Making these connections is the essence of the religious experience.

Our faith tradition is not creedal, we don’t tell you what to believe, it is covenantal.  We are held together by our covenantal promise of how we will be together in relationship, how we will “walk” together.  We are united not by common beliefs but by common purposes and intentions.

Membership means entering into that promise of how we will walk together.  Membership is an affirmation, a commitment, a way of saying:  this is my church, this is my community, and these are the people with whom I choose to walk.



Chalice Lighting as we recite our covenant at Worship Service

…because we seek the Spiritual

We want a religious home where our own spiritual needs will be met.  Belonging starts the process that takes us to a new place.

The living tradition of our Unitarian Universalist faith does not see religious truth as a static condition but rather of continuous revelation.  That one’s beliefs and values would be questioned, examined, and even changed as part of the spiritual growth process is the basis for spiritual growth.

The possibility of growth and change, of transformation, is the real basis for participation in a religious community.



Members vote to buy a new church 

…because it helps us shape our faith community.

We each need to take a part in creating the kinds of religious communities that attract people who are searching for the same kind of spiritual home we have found.  Only membership allows us to participate in this important opportunity to shape our spiritual homes.

In this faith community, we are called to listen to different voices and honor different experiences.  Our congregation is weakened if we neglect the new voice, the fresh eyes.  In this faith community, we celebrate the ways in which different experiences and perspectives enrich and strengthen our faith community.

Because when we truly belong as committed members, we discover this spiritual truth: it is only by giving that we receive, the giving of ourselves.

How do I join?

First, attend our Sunday Worship Services several times.  Have coffee with us, come for Wednesday Suppers, join us in community service, experience our friendly, vibrant community.

Then when you are interested in becoming a member, you will need to participate in our Exploring Membership class. This class gives you an opportunity to learn more about our faith, your own personal spiritual journey and about our church as your spiritual home.

On the second Sunday of each month join us for a brief (30 minute) overview of the church called “Just the Basics”. This overview is lead by a church member – just show up to learn more and ask any questions you may have.

The Exploring Membership class is a two-part class, taught by a long-time member, on Sunday mornings from 9:00am – 10:15am. The first part is New to UU, a short history of Unitarian Universalism and discussion about the Seven Principles. The second part is Introduction to SMUU Church, a discussion about the various ways we connect with each other in our church community.

Classes are scheduled every two to three months. For further information contact Jennifer Nelson, Membership Chair.