Committees, Teams, and Task Forces

In the table below, click on the Contact to send an email. Click on the Name of the committee, team, or task force to see a current policy or charter for that item. Standing Committees are defined in the Bylaws.

Standing Committees:



Board President, President-Elect, Past President and Minister, prepares the agenda for the board meeting and acts on behalf of the board for routine duties or in an emergency.

Don Skinner



Oversees the financial and fundraising activities of the church.

Randy Burdge



Provides qualified candidates for open board and nominating committee positions. Anne McCleery


Ensures that personnel policies are current, communicated to staff, leaders and congregation, and followed by staff and church leaders.

Pat Duggan



(Includes Sunday Morning Welcoming Teams and Vergers) Welcomes visitors, helping them to find ways to be connected with the church and helps members remain connected to the church through personal contact. Fern Aron


Oversees the investing and disbursing of endowment funds.

Vickie Trott



on Ministry

Focuses on all aspects of the congregation's ministry, including professional leadership, music, social justice, religious education, pastoral care, and so on and ensures that our ministries are serving our mission and vision. 


Alex Knapp


Teams and Task Forces:


Religious Education

Supports and advises religious education staff and coordinates religious education related projects and events.

Megan Irwin


Church Life Team

To provide logistical support for groups of the church, new ministries, and events that provide church members and friends with opportunities to socialize.

Vickie Trott


Stewardship Team

Plans and implements a successful annual financial appeal.

Randy Burdge


Caring Team

Provides basic logistical support for church families who are in a personal or family illness or other crisis.

Please call Rev. Rose



Facilities Team

Supports the Facilities Manager by performing tasks throughout the facilities.

Jay Hetz



Maintains the church library of UU and UU-themed books for check out by members and friends.

Kris Koehler



Provides basic logistical support for all communications avenues within the church and outside in the greater community.

Caroline Dawson


Social Justice Council

Coordinates social justice and advocacy action efforts. Comprised of various teams: Anti-Oppression, Caring for Our World, Caring for Our Neighbors, Advocacy and Witness.


Adam Wathen


Works collaboratively with music staff to support the music of the church.

Jen Holt

Dave Simmons

Worship Associates

Works collaboratively with the minister to support the worship of the congregation.

Rev. Rose Schwab


Lawn Care

Enhances the worship experience of members and visitors by maintaining attractive lawn area around the church.

Randy Burdge



Enhances the worship experience of members and visitors by creating and maintaining gardens that provide beauty.

Jim Crist