Bowerbird Capital Campaign

This is an exciting year. We have welcomed Rev. Rose to lead us on what we imagine will be a marvelous adventure that opens our hearts and minds in new ways.    For example, she has initiated new adult religious education classes, and will lead a new meditation group. 

We will also be celebrating our golden 50th anniversary throughout the year.  As the excitement of the anniversary increases, we find ourselves reflecting on our spiritual home. When we moved into this building we dreamed big. 

  • We dreamed of celebrating life and filling the walls with love and laughter. 
  • We dreamed of having the space to welcome one and all with no regard to their background. 
  • We dreamed of having a base to build a compassionate congregation that gave back to the community. 

We are continuing to dream big. This time we dream of a new roof and new HVAC units and the ability to keep up with the maintenance that our church needs. As the building ages and our supply of buckets to catch the rain from our leaking roof increases, we find ourselves worrying if the HVAC system will be able to keep us warm this winter and cool next summer.

The Bowerbird Campaign, named for very inspiring little Australian songbirds that build intricate and beautiful nests in hopes of attracting those who pass by, is the continuation of our initial financial push to move into our current expansive and beautiful space, which we own in full.  The building was bought in 2011 for a truly reasonable sum of money, and we always knew that deferred maintenance was awaiting. Listen to Rev.Rose's "Consider the Bowerbird" sermon here.

Now's our time! We encourage you to join our campaign.


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