Our church is governed by bylaws which were established when the church was founded in 1967.  These bylaws are routinely reviewed and occasionally updated or amended by majority vote at our annual congregational meetings. You can read the Church Bylaws here and the Endowment Bylaws here.


The policies approved by the Board are listed here.

Board of Trustees

The church bylaws establish a Board of Trustees for the operations of the church. The SMUU Church Board of Trustees meets promptly at 6:30 p.m. in Room 3 on the third Tuesday of each month. Any member may attend. If you wish to be on the Agenda, please contact the Board President at least one week before the meeting.

Board meeting minutes and documents are available at this link.

NamePositionEmail AddressVoting Member?
Don Skinner President Yes
Nancy Mays President Elect Yes
Logan Heley Member Yes
Jo Ella Hoye Member Yes
Tiffany Johnson Member Yes
Gaby Kusko Member Yes
Jim Lenox Member Yes
Marjorie Rice Past President No
Randy Burdge Treasurer No
Gail Robertson Secretary No
Rev. Rose Schwab Minister No