Please use the form below to submit your donation. If you prefer, we have a downloadable Word document you can fill out and submit to 

Please enter your first name and last name and contact information.


Please enter your donation item and then a more complete description of the item. Please note that the description may be edited for clarity or to correct spelling or other errors. Example: Item - Basketball Tickets  Description - 2 tickets to KU vs OSU 1/19/16 including parking pass.

How many items? For example, if this is a party, how many seats are available? If it's a service, how many times is it available, if it's a class, how many participants? etc.
What is the minimum amount you are willing to accept for this item? (If your donation is a party or event, enter the minimum amount acceptable for one person.)
What is the approximate retail value of your donation? If you are donating a party or other event with multiple participants, give the value for one person.


Is your event accessible to people with limited mobility?

If you checked "Partially" for accessibility, please describe. (ex. two-steps into ranch-style home)


Would you like to use the church for your event? There is no charge to hold your auction event at the church.

If you want to use the church for your event, please check the Church Calendar to see if there is anything scheduled on the day you would like to use the church for your event. If that date is available, contact our facilities manager, Jay Hetz, ASAP to schedule your event.
If your item is a party or other event, please enter the date.  Events with predetermined dates always sell best.
foul-weather backup date is a good idea when a severe storm could make roads too dangerous for driving or ruin an outdoor activity or party.


If your item does not sell at the auction or post auction sales do you want to donate it to the church or have it returned to you? If you donate it to the church, we may place the item for sale in the spring garage sale.


We respectfully request that you donate only new or never-used items unless you are donating works of art, antiques, or collector's items. If you are donating framed artwork, please carefully clean the frame and glass if applicable. 

Examples; we would be happy to auction a piece of jewelry, an article of clothing, or an accessory that you received as a gift but have never worn because it's just the wrong color or style for you and it's been hanging around in a closet or tucked away in a drawer; or maybe you received a bottle of sweet white wine but you only drink dry reds; or you received a fancy gift jar of gourmet chocolate covered mixed nuts and you are allergic to cashews. Maybe your child received a toy, game, or book that is inappropriate for her based on her age or interests. You get the picture.


THANK YOU for your donation!

Please join us for this special evening

of FUNdraising, Nov. 4, 2017