Love is the doctrine of this church;
the quest for truth is its sacrament;
and service is its prayer.

To dwell together in peace;
to seek knowledge in freedom;
to serve humanity in fellowship;
to the end that all souls
shall grow into harmony with the Divine;

Thus do we covenant with one another.


About Us

If you're looking for a spiritual home that respects your deep religious questioning; one that helps you discern and develop your own beliefs; one that cares about social issues and makes a difference in your community, then this might be the place for you. We come together to consider religious and ethical questions with others who are open to a variety of answers.

Join with us in celebration and worship, discussion, and education in an atmosphere of respect, mutual support, and friendship. We are an intentionally diverse religious community and seek to be guided by the wisdom and experience of people of all theologies genders, ages, abilities, classes, colors, and sexual orientations.

We are a faith community that treats all with love and respect, which is open-minded in our support of each other’s individual search for truth and meaning and our acceptance of each other.  We are also a church of action, engaging in a number of social justice outreach programs in our local community and in the wider global community.

Our church campus is located at 9400 Pflumm Rd., just a block south of downtown Old Lenexa. See our map for details.