Rosehill School Partnership 


Current Need for Volunters

Rosehill School needs volunteers to work in the school library during the afternoon Tuesday through Friday, to work with students in the Homework Help afternoon school program, classroom helpers as needed, and as mentors to individual students. One hour training and background check and fingerprinting through SMSD required for volunteers. Contact Vickie Trott ( or Yvonne Gibbons (  if you can help. 


SMUU Church has formally joined with three other churches: Grace Covenant Presbyterian, Salem Lutheran, and The Freedom Center under the Caring For Kids umbrella to support Rosehill Elementary School. Many students from the former Don Bonjour Elementary school, formerly in our building, now attend Rosehill which is at 9801 Rosehill Road.  Rosehill has a student population of approximately 550 students of whom 64% receive free or reduced cost lunch, 42% are Asian, African American, Hispanic or Multi-Racial, and 36% are ELL (English language learner) students. 

Rosehill School needs the community’s help. Due to budget cuts in a number of areas, Rosehill students need our help with art supplies, basic first aid supplies (many children need to take a few band aids home with them or a couple of aspirin), and other supplies that many Rosehill parents can’t subsidize from their personal budgets. 

We also provide coats, gloves and hats for children who come to the school unprepared for winter weather, clothing for children who need a change of clothes during the school day, granola bars for children who come to school without breakfast, and other materials that the school needs from time to time. 

We currently work with Rosehill School in after-school homework help, classroom helpers, and volunteers at school events. We can continued to expand our involvement through this partnership. 

This is our chance to give back to the community in which we are located.  

For more information or to volunteer to help, contact Yvonne Gibbons, or Vickie Trott, 

You can learn more about Caring For Kids at  and Rosehill School at