And the Nominees Are...


The Nominating Committee needs to identify SMUUCh members who are interested in serving the Church in the following capacities:

  • Board of Trustees: two-year term (two open positions).  The Board consists of seven positions overall, including President and VP.
  • Vice-President or President-Elect: three-year term, one as VP/President-Elect, one as President, and one as past-President (advisory role).
  • Nominating Committee: two-year term (two open positions).  The Nominating Committee consists of four adult members, two of whom shall be elected each year by the members of the Church.

As a Church member, if you would like to nominate someone to any of these positions (with his/her permission, of course) please email the name to the Nominating Committee chairman, Paul Stewart.  You may nominate yourself.  If fact, we encourage you to do so, if you feel qualified and willing to take it on.  The Nominating Committee would like to have the names of those who are interested as soon as possible, but not later than the by the end of February.  We will then decide who, among those names, will be put before the congregation for approval in the spring. If you have questions, please contact current members of the Nominating Committee: Paul Stewart, (913-636-0351), David Schwartz, Dorothy Murray, or Anne McCleery.