Make a Donation - 2017 SMUUCh Auction

Here's how you can donate: 

1.  Donate RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW using an online donation form.

2.   MS WORD Auction Donation Form - This will allow you to download the form onto your computer. Then you can fill it out by typing directly into the form.  You can then attach the completed form to an email and send it to the Auction Donations Coordinator at or if you prefer, print it out and drop it into the Auction Donations box at the church.

Don't know what to donate? Need some ideas? Check this out.

You may bring your donations to the church on any Sunday. We will be keeping auction donations in Room 17 which will be kept locked. See Jennifer Nelson or Penny Burdge who can unlock the room for you. You may bring your donations during the week as well, just let Kim Enyart know you are coming. When you bring your item, please put your name on it and a description if it is needed.

Donation Deadline, Saturday, October 28, 2017. Please be respectful of our Auction Volunteers' time. They must enter hundreds of items in the database, create bid sheets, posters, print catalogs and other paperwork in preparation for the Auction.  They need time to complete their jobs.

We respectfully request that you donate only new or never-used items unless you are donating works of art, antiques, or collector's items. If you are donating framed artwork, please carefully clean the frame and glass if applicable.  

Examples; we would be happy to auction a piece of jewelry, an article of clothing or an accessory that you received as a gift but have never worn because it's just the wrong color or style for you and it's been hanging around in a closet or tucked away in a drawer; or maybe you received a bottle of sweet white wine but you only drink dry reds; or you received a fancy gift jar of gourmet chocolate covered mixed nuts and you are allergic to nuts. Maybe your child received a toy, game, or book that is inappropriate for her based on her age or interests. You get the picture.