Building a Labyrinth

Many things are needed to build a labyrinth. First, you need a space large enough. Next you need a great design and then you need tools and building supplies. But the most important thing you need is lots of eager volunteers willing to get their hands dirty to bring your dream to fruition. Our labyrinth is being built with the love and helping hands of many. We are so grateful to all of them!

Fall 2016


1. Construction leads Dave Schwartz and Kent Johnson begin by marking circles around the center pole.

2. Tracking down a “Trench N’Edger” machine was critical to the success of the project. Without it, we would have had to dig the trenches for the pavers that outline the paths by hand.

3. The process: Cut a trench, add gravel, then sand, then the pavers. Much of the work was done on hands and knees.


4. The labyrinth takes shape, with volunteers working on the fifth of eleven paths.

5. The Saturday volunteers – many (but not all) of those who helped over the long weekend.


First Week of April 2017

Landscape plantings were installed and mulch was put down.