Special Opportunity – KCUR Underwriting


by Bill Groth


Are you dismayed at the amount of power being used by huge corporations and gargantuan religious organizations who command their vast financial resources with little regard to the interests of most of us on the planet? 

Would you like to fight such BIG Money with even just a LITTLE Money ... if you only had a way to increase your leverage? 

Well listen up because as UU's our chance to fight back both powerfully and meaningfully with some REAL money is at hand! 

A few of us SMUUChers are trying to put together funding to go to KCUR, our local public radio station, and have SMUUCh become an underwriter for KCUR so that we in turn can get some valuable publicity for the church. 

Also we had an angel donate almost $10,000 as a challenge grant.  This would mean that for every dollar someone donates through our church to support the KCUR underwriter program, their dollar becomes in effect two dollars donated. 

So TAKE HEED AND TAKE NOTE that we are looking for people who either want to support our public radio in Kansas City or who already support KCUR.  BUT instead of sending money directly to KCUR radio, send the money to SMUUCh earmarked for KCUR.  

Our church will then bundle these donations and pass the entire bundle on to KCUR.  This rerouting of funds will help support SMUUCh's participation in the KCUR underwriter program AND garner some excellent publicity opportunities for SMUUCh! 

That's it in a nutshell! Interested? Please contact Randy Burdge for further “how to contribute” information.