Hunger Team


What is the Hunger Team?

Here at SMUUCh, many of our members feel a deep connection to ensuring that everybody in our community has access to healthy food, despite the resource inequities that are so pervasive in our society today. Over the years we have been involved in a variety of activities, which we bring together under the Hunger Team umbrella to help keep everybody informed about upcoming opportunities and the issues surrounding hunger. Our Hunger Team Steering Committee works to plan activities and educate the congregation around the issues of food insecurity in our community. 

Who is on the Hunger Team? 

If you have ever helped with the Cross-Lines soup lunch; sorted food, packed lunches or folded bags for Harvesters; picked apples for After the Harvest; participated in the RE Service is Our Prayer pack-a-sack; made a meal for IHN; dropped a dollar in the basket for a donate-the-plate; dropped a food item in a collection box; or simply supported the many members here that have done all these things and more, then you are a member of the SMUUCh Hunger Team. 

We’re pretty sure that includes everybody!       


For questions about After the Harvest, contact Randy Burdge

For questions about Cross-Lines, contact Ann Schwartz

For questions about the Salem Food Pantry, contact Pat Duggan

For questions about Harvesters, contact Connie Strand.

For questions about providing meals for the Interfaith Hospitality Network, contact Jan Davis