How to Schedule and Market Your SMUUCh Event or Meeting

After your event is approved, you can follow any or all of the steps below to make sure other
church members are aware of what you have planned.

Create your announcement
Create a 100-125 word announcement for the event. Gather your information which includes: what is
the event, when is the event, where is the event, who is your audience, how much does it cost, and
why the event is taking place, is child care provided? Graphics (non-copyrighted) are always

The communications committee will review all events that are open to the larger community before
publication in venues open to the larger community such as the church website and the official
church Facebook page.
Many all-church events may be considered open to the public.

Add your event to the church calendar
Contact Jay Hetz in the church office by email at, to add your event to the
church calendar. That assures that there will be heating or cooling of the area of the church you
have selected. The church calendar is available on the church website under the
Members tab. (Always check the calendar for schedule conflicts first before planning an event.)

Schedule childcare, if needed
Contact Rachel Wathen at to schedule childcare. PLEASE NOTE: Childcare may
not be available for all events or meetings so check early and discuss with Rachel the childcare

Announce it in the weekly email, Sunday Order of Service, church website and TV in the foyer
Send your 100-125 word announcement to Deb Markum, NO LATER THAN 10:00am on the Monday before you would like your announcement to run. If you are using Sign Up Genius for your
event or activity, be sure to send that link.

Official church Facebook page v. Facebook Group
The church has a Facebook page that has official church events and information listed.
Events made in the unofficial, closed Facebook group (SMUUCh Community) will appear to be hosted by
the individual posting the event and not by SMUUCh. Events generated from the official Facebook
page will appear to be hosted by the church. If the event is meant to be public and is an official
church event, publicity- wise, we would be better served to advertise the event on the official
Church Facebook page.

All events that are posted on the official church Facebook page will also be posted on the
unofficial Facebook Group.

Internal meetings or events for church members only MUST BE posted to the unofficial Facebook Group
by the chair of the event.

Post a sign
Signs may only be affixed to windows and walls by the facility manager or sexton. Create your sign
no larger than 8.5 x 11 and email it to Jay Hetz, who will print, laminate, and post your signs in
the proper places with non-marring tape. Signs can be displayed four Sundays before an event.
Please make sure to take down your signs within a week of the event’s end. You may post your sign
or flyer on the community board or the fellowship hall white board on the post without assistance.
Create and display a flyer

Create a flyer for your event! Flyers can be distributed at coffee hour and half-page flyers can
sometimes be inserted into the Order of Service for church-wide events or activities. You also
might consider table tents for coffee hour; plastic 8.5x11 holders are available for this purpose.
If you want to affix your flyer to the doors or walls, you must follow instructions for Post a Sign

Sunday podium announcement
Sunday podium announcements are restricted to events that affect the entire church membership. The
number of podium announcements is limited and announced two weeks before their scheduled date. Send
a statement of 100 words or less to Rev. Rose by noon Wednesday before the Sunday you would like it announced. Please remember that the number of announcements each Sunday is limited and some announcements may not be made. You will be advised if this is the case.

And most importantly – talk it up!
ll their friends. The experts say to “tell people seven times
seven ways” — you can never over-communicate if you want your event to be successful!