How Do I? 

As a SMUUCh Member or friend, you may wonder, "How Do I?..." 


Get a copy of my pledge statement?

                Contact Deb Markum.

Schedule a SMUUCh group meeting at church?

                Contact Jay Hetz.

Get child care for my event or group?

            Contact Rachel Wathen at least two weeks prior to the date of your event.

Schedule a personal event at the church?

                Contact Jay Hetz.

Schedule my non-church group meeting at the church?

                Contact Jay Hetz.

Schedule my auction event at the church?

               Check the church calendar to select your date and then contact Jay Hetz

Start a new group at the church?

                Please read the New Programs, Groups, and Ministries Policy first, then contact

                the Church Life Team OR the Social Justice Council.

Put on a special event at church?

                Read here then contact the Church Life Team OR the Social Justice Council.


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