Donate the Plate Recipients

In 2007, our church implemented a program called Donate the Plate. Each month, one of our Sunday collection plate offerings is donated to an organization that affirms and promotes our Unitarian Universalist principles. In some instances, this program is utilized to support an organization or SMUUCh ministry to which the Board of Trustees has officially made a financial commitment. Since the inception of our Donate the Plate program, SMUUCh has contributed over $100,000 to more than 40 worthy recipients.

Would you like to nominate a non-profit to be a beneficiary of Donate the Plate? Simply download, complete, and submit the following  application to the Donate the Plate Coordinator, Terry Cushman. Please contact Terry if you have any questions.

  • August:  Safehome
  • September:  Witness for Peace
  • October:  After the Harvest
  • November:  Harvesters
  • December: Minister's Discretionary Fund
  • January:  Crosslines
  • February:  Interfaith Hospitality Network
  • March:  Rosehill Partnership
  • April: Jjajja Dez Psychosocial Support Services (Elderly Care Takers in Rural Uganda)
  • May: UUSC Justice Sunday
  • June: Salem Food Pantry
  • July: Healthy Living Projects
  • August: Safehome
  • September: After the Harvest
  • October: Crosslines
  • November: Harvesters
  • December: Minister's Discretionary Fund


  • January: Kansas UU Social Justice
  • February: Rosehill Elementary School
  • March:  KC for Refugees
  • April:  Kansas Interfaith Action
  • May:  Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
  • June:  Salem Food Pantry
  • July:  Healthy Living Projects
  • August:  Bridging the Gap
  • September:  Happy Bottoms
  • October:  Cross Border Network
  • November:  Harvesters
  • December:  Minister’s Discretionary Fund