Dinner for About 8 Sign Up 

Looking for a way to become better acquainted with other adult church members aged 20ish + to 100+? Dinner for About 8 is for you! They meet on the third Saturday of the month in members' homes, September through May with a break in December. The hosts provide a main course, the guests bring the rest of the meal. Singles and couples welcomed. Dinners will have 6 -10 participants. Singles are welcome to pair up to host a meal if they choose, but this is not expected or necessary.


Please enter one name if you are a single, or both names if you are participating as a couple.


Your email address will be used to send you a confirmation email, and as your contact email for other Saturday Suppers participants, as well as the Volunteer Coordinator.


What is the MAXIMUM number of people you can comfortably host in your home? Include yourself in this number.

If you have a particular food allergy or special dietary needs, please let us know. For examples, this might include things like gluten-free or vegetarian diets or an allergy to shellfish.