Auction Donation Ideas


Do you have any contacts who might consider donating one of these?

Tablet computers -- Digital Camera -- Gaming Systems -- Hotel or B & B Weekends

Gift Certificates or Gift Cards to Area Retailers:

Electronics -- Books -- Pets -- Home Improvement -- Restaurants -- Fine Arts -- Sports -- Hotels -- Lawn and Garden -- Arts & Crafts -- Movie Theatres

Weekend or week's stay in your vacation home or condo

Handcrafted jewelry, pottery, clothing and accessories

Edible goods-homemade soups, candies, cookies, baked goods, dinners delivered

Home decoŕ, arts and crafts, and fine art, musical instruments

Ethnic gourmet dinner party: Greek, Italian, Chinese, Indian, French, German, Japanese

Progressive Dinner- Holiday Cookie Exchange - Games or card party

Gourmet Picnic - Hikes - Super Bowl party - Oscar night party - Backyard barbecue

Overnight childcare - House or pet sitting - Guided canoe trip - Guided bicycle trip

Do you have a special or professional talent or skill? Why not share it with someone?

Legal - Medical - Dental - Hosting - Musical - Culinary - Cleaning - Organizing - Cooking

Chauffeur -Computer - Gardening - Landscaping -Piloting - Accounting

Home repair and maintenance - Carpentry, Plumbing,   Electrical

How about hosting a "Poster Event?"

A"Poster Event (or Party)" is a fixed-price ($5 and up) item. That means NO bidding!

There are limited places available at each of the events which are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  YOU decide how many people you can accomodate. The events are described on large posters which will be hung on the walls in Fellowship Hall. Each poster will have numbered places for bidders to sign up. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Gourmet Meal in your home - what's your specialty? Italian, French, Chinese?
  • Crafting Lessons - teach others how to crochet, knit, quilt, make a birdhouse, brew some beer.
  • Oscar or Golden Globes Party - play Oscar/Golden Globes trivia games - the internet is a quick and easy source of info - watch the televised program.  Serve snacks.
  • Hot Summer Fun Party - water sprinklers, squirt toys, watermelons, popsicles - just add a bunch of kids for a screaming good time.
  • Toga Party - hey-all you need are some sheets and a pair of sandals!  Maybe some wine, cheese, and grapes.  If you're feeling really silly, try including a screening of "Animal House;" not-so-silly, opt for "Gladiator."
  • Afternoon High Tea - cucumber sandwiches, scones and clotted cream, petit-fours, lemon curd tarts. 
  • Tour guide services - take newcomers to the area on a guided trip of greater KC.

Maybe you'd like to host an event, but you don't have enough space, or you live too far from the church. That's not a problem. You are welcome to use any space in the church for your event. However, you MUST call and speak with our Facilitlies Manager, Jay Hetz, to schedule the event first. There is no charge to have your event at the church.

Need help planning? Need party serving pieces?  We can get you the help you need to succeed.  We have lots of members who are experienced host/hostesses who are willing to loan you party goods, help you figure out what to serve, how much to buy, where to get it.  JUST ASK!  Simply contact your Auction Donations Coordinator.

I'm ready to donate!